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Looking for some other great cons to attend???

These cons are our BFFs, check them out!

(We love working with other cons! If you run a con and are interested in cross-promotion, con swaps, or partnerships,

please contact us using the form on the front page)

Classic Plastics Toy Expo

Parkersburg, WV

March 07, 2020

This annual show is also a way for us here at Classic Plastics Toy Store to give back every year by donating part of the proceeds from the door and table sign up to the Parkersburg Art Center. Art is an important part of any city and the classes and events they offer are well worth supporting

Parkersburg Pop Con

Parkersburg, WV

October 31, 2020

Parkersburg Pop Con is a celebration of all things popular culture at the local and national level. It’s all about authors, publishers, designers, and artists. It’s about comics, gaming, sci-fi, art, fantasy, television, radio, cyber culture, music, film and so much more!

Gallipolis Comic & Creator Convention

Gallipolis, Ohio

August 16, 2020

The Gallipolis Comics and Creator Convention was established in 2019 to bring together local creators and fans in order to celebrate our unique nerdiness.

Mountain State Pop Expo

November 07, 2020

MSPX is a celebration of fandom and a benefit for the Children's Home Society of West Virginia!


Columbus, Ohio

May 30, 2020

From it's humble beginnings  as a community, TORG Gaming Expo  (formerly known as TORG Summit) has provided the best experience possible every year . Bridging the gap between retro to current, toys, video games, table top, comics and more to capture a one of a kind experience for all ages and interests.

S.P.A.C.E. - Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

Columbus, Ohio

July 11, 2020

Held in Columbus, Ohio, The Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) is the mid-western longest running expo of art comics, minis, small press, self-produced and published comics


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August 15, 2020

Matsuricon is an annual Japanese pop-culture event that focuses primarily on Japanese animation (known as “anime”), manga (Japanese graphic novels), and video games. We also showcase both American and Japanese popular culture, due to the natural overlap of fandom from both genres.


Columbus, Ohio

January 11, 2020

We are a Japanese anime and popular culture convention. Our goal is to provide our community cultural events and learning opportunities in a safe and constructive environment.


Charleston, WV

July 18, 2020

Charcon is a tabletop gaming convention in Charleston, VW! Venue: The Clay Center, 

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